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A Sexual Awakening

another for my lover

You know my heart goes to you,
you’re my sunlight and morning dew.
In every moment that I feel blue,
Oh how I find comfort in my you!

There’s something you ought to know:
For years, my life has been out of control,
to take control is what I’ve wanted for long;
then I got blind, to me it’s right and wrong.

Life, alone, sometimes seems to condemn me;
But hell, by itself, it’s never easy.
With your love and care, I’m starting to see
the darkness melting away in your gleam.

With you, I feel myself brightly shining
that the stalker rain cloud is waning.
I’ve never felt my you so deserving
of my letting go of what I’ve been holding.

So here I go, my source of vigor,
about to do something, something I wasn’t eager.
But in the past, for you, I leave her;
All there is now is my complete surrender.