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Land of Free

I want to be somewhere far
to the land that knows no war;
where we can rejoice and sing
and share what we all can bring;

where everyone is welcome
to live, to dream, to become;
where we do things not in fear,
but with our hearts sincere;

where beauty is in the eye,
not in the ads we pass by;
for there’s no room for flatter,
where color does not matter;

where our minds do flourish
and our spirits nourished,
for there are no gods to pray;
and not one of us to fall prey.

where life’s the only struggle
with nothing else to juggle;
How wonderful it would be
to live in the land of free.

A Sexual Awakening

another for my lover

You know my heart goes to you,
you’re my sunlight and morning dew.
In every moment that I feel blue,
Oh how I find comfort in my you!

There’s something you ought to know:
For years, my life has been out of control,
to take control is what I’ve wanted for long;
then I got blind, to me it’s right and wrong.

Life, alone, sometimes seems to condemn me;
But hell, by itself, it’s never easy.
With your love and care, I’m starting to see
the darkness melting away in your gleam.

With you, I feel myself brightly shining
that the stalker rain cloud is waning.
I’ve never felt my you so deserving
of my letting go of what I’ve been holding.

So here I go, my source of vigor,
about to do something, something I wasn’t eager.
But in the past, for you, I leave her;
All there is now is my complete surrender.

An Atheist’s Religion

A dedication to my lover.

If you ask me my religion,
imagine Tesla and the pigeon.
It stands against blind reason;
defying gods and their legion.

Kissing the dead is no better
than touching the flesh of my lover.
To him, I have no need to cower.
All for him, I’m tender and bolder.

His voice, not silence but sound,
urging my knees to the ground.
I worship hard, pound after pound;
Twenty-four seven, all year round.

The gods can watch in envy,
as my lover shoots warm sea.
I can be, to his fancy;
Not a single doubt in me.

His name, the end to my prayer.
Holy hands, make my skin shiver.
Treat me like a saint, a sinner.
Take my body as an endeavor.

For my lover’s my religion.
My bread, my wine, my beacon.
And on him, my life lies on.
For with him, reigns free reason.

One Man’s Greed

However, could I
have what I need?
When I can’t suffice
one man’s greed.

Day after day,
I work harder.
Notes slip away,
it gets tougher.

For how could I
give what they need?
When I can’t suffice
one man’s greed.

Life for another.
Dreams to forget.
Energy’s faltered,
all have been spent.

What if we do try
to take what we need?
And dare to defy
each one man’s greed.

Chains ‘Round He

A man is born but free,
’till they wrap chains ’round he.
There’s God! His Will be done.
There’s the Law, a tyrant’s gun.

No sex before the vow.
Keep toiling, here and now!
A few plans to indulge,
for pocket’s barely bulge.

Now he’s spent; dull and gray,
thinkin’ ’bout good old days…
When he’s nothing but free,
’till they wrapped chains ’round he.