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A Sexual Awakening

another for my lover You know my heart goes to you, you’re my sunlight and morning dew. In every moment that I feel blue, Oh how I find comfort in my you! There’s something you ought to know: For years, my life has been out of control, to take control is what I’ve wanted for […]

An Atheist’s Religion

A dedication to my lover. If you ask me my religion, imagine Tesla and the pigeon. It stands against blind reason; defying gods and their legion. Kissing the dead is no better than touching the flesh of my lover. To him, I have no need to cower. All for him, I’m tender and bolder. His […]

Theatrics They Keep

A soul for a soul. Ignored for the show, a part of the whole. Little did we know… These theatrics they keep, for girls like you and me. Hiding a lie so deep, to chase away our glee. A soul is breathing, ignored for the show. But they’ll keep lying, little do they know… These […]